Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Labor Day

If my pool was operational, I'd be bitching about how it does not open until 8 on holidays. I'd totally blow by being grateful that it opens at all on most holidays. But, instead, I'm grateful for my little treadmill. I really am enjoying it. We're getting a rhythm. I'm trying out different shoes and may be settling on my lined Crocs. The shoes need to not require socks and be easy to slip right into and not hurt my feet, knees or hips. And so far the Crocs work best.

In the mornings, I do 30 minutes of 2.1 miles per hour. At some point during the day, I may well do 10 or 15 minutes of varying speeds. I do find that when I lower the speed to about 1 miles per hour, it really hurts my hips which is weird. (the little thing does not do elevations which is, honestly, a relief) It was making a horrible screeching noise but now that has stopped as inexplicably as it started. I really do love having it.

Last night was the first night in a long time that The Smalls did not spend 20 or 30 minutes a couple of time trying to eat my face. He'd taken to hopping up at about 1:30 and again about 2 or 3 and getting into my face so I couldn't breathe and then nibbling on it. Last night he tried once and I moved him down next to my waist and he stayed there and slept. Biggie prefers to stretch out against the small of my back. I am the meat in their sandwich.

Just now they are sharing the bowl atop the cat scratcher. Four more days, guys, and your world will be turned up side down when you each get your own bowl. I just looked and the package is now in Cologne, Germany.

Today will be sewing a new top. I got the pattern and fabric selected yesterday and the pieces cut out. And I have the next one forming in my brain.

The ballgame is at 11:30.

Biggie is ready.


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