Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Years ago, for Christmas, I bought myself a tetris lamp. I loved it when I got it and I love it still BUT...

My house cleaner hates it. She never could figure out how it worked and kept knocking it over and then could not get it set back up so all the lights worked. It does take some fiddling.

So I moved it, to the top of the 3/4th wall between the kitchen and living room where it lived for several happy years.

Until... Biggie and The Smalls.

They knocked some of the lights off.


It bugged me but fixing it requires my getting up onto the kitchen counter which is fairly old lady treacherous. Plus, I knew the cats would really really really want to 'help'. So I waited until they were napping. All yesterday, they were in the living room. They even napped here. No good. Finally this morning. Biggie was in the bedroom and The Smalls was in the bathroom. I waited about 30 minutes to make sure they were out and then took my chance.

Biggie, who could hear a gnat sneeze in the next town over, came to help but really wasn't a problem. I got everything restacked and then taped it down. And then got down without killing myself.


But, alas, I see now that one of the pieces is already out. I think I'd better learn to live with it.

The Smalls keeps biting me. Not hard but persistently. While I sleep. While he's in my arms (his choice, he jumped up here). Nothing I've tried seems to discourage him. This morning, I finally just dumped him out of my arms when he tried it one more time. He hopped back up. Before I tossed him down again, I figured, I'd really piss him off by giving him a nail trim. He sat there without a squiggle until I got them all done. That, alone, is a kitty miracle. Biggie's ok with the trim as long as I catch in the right mood. But The Smalls has never before been in the right mood.

Today promises to be lazy. No place I have to go, nothing outside of this house I need. Plenty to keep me entertained.

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