Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The ripple effect

All I really wanted to do was move the dirty clothes hamper.

After I rearranged the bedroom, now one corner looked really cluttered mainly because now the others do not. I needed to find a new home for the dirty clothes hamper. What about the end of that closet where that shit is? What is that shit anyway?

Oh ok, if I move this and move that, and then move the big plastic bin it was all in, I have room! But what about the bin? Hmmm if I put the stuff stacked in the other closet into the bin. But, wait, that won't fit unless I pull out this other stuff. What is this other stuff anyway?

I emptied a box, I emptied a bag, I tossed some stuff across the room that needs to go into the Goodwill bin.

Now imagine how how much fun the cats had. Now double that and you get close. OMG they nearly lost their minds.

I took a break for lunch and they demanded lunch, too. I suspect they are now off somewhere in a coma from which they will not emerge until dinner.

BUT... my dirty clothes hamper is in the closet and that corner is now very tidy, too. Also I found some dishes I has lost. I looked for them to take to Goodwill. I now have two more Goodwill bags full and that doesn't even count the dishes.

I think I need to make some breakfast muffins. I'm tired for burritos. Time to get tired of breakfast muffins for a while.

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