Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I overshare because I can

The chicken livers and okra from last night were maybe even more amazing reheated. So delicious. I still have more left. Now with the first round - DoorDash/Ezells/leftovers - is done with success, next time I know how better to portion it out so that $30 will be paying for 3 complete meals plus some. And I'll reheat only a third at a time. It needs some coleslaw.

The Seahawks are playing a home game tonight. I don't know if it's a regular or a pre-season but there is a lot of pre-game action out there. I can hear it with the a/c on and the door closed.

I filled up the cart and found a good place, out on the terrace, for the airbed. I found the electric pump, too!

AND I found the old auto-laser toy that they don't make any more. Well, they still make one but it's a new version and not nearly as good. I can't wait to show the boys. Well, I can wait... wait until they wake up and want attention.

This is from last night. Biggie on the treadmill. He's studying the ceiling fan but just after this, he discovered the key with the dangling string. Then I put a sock on it - literally.


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