Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Still not fun but better

I got up and brushed my teeth and did my inhaler and other meds and then put my shoes on, turned on my audiobook and fired up the new treadmill. I did 30 minutes. It was still boring and not fun BUT it was way better in my own bedroom!

There's a safety key in the front that is on a lanyard. Biggie thought for sure that it was a toy just for him. I had to get up twice last night to fix it from dangling. Finally I just wrapped a sock around it. He still tried but eventually gave up.

The treadmill itself is pretty darned smooth and nice. I was worried about the carpet - that it would interfere - but didn't need to be. I could do it barefoot but my flat feet are so bad anyway, I think having an arch is better and at least I don't have to wear socks. The cup holder is too small for my every day water bottle but that's ok, I've got a bunch and will now just designate the one that fits as the Official Treadmill Water Bottle.

Day 1, I'm delighted.

At the end of the baseball game last night I was beat and starving and so decided to try out delivery. I had a $10 Door Dash credit to use with Ezell's Chicken. I ordered 1 pound of fried chicken livers and 1 pound of fried okra and peach cobbler. I placed the order just as the game was finishing (4:30) which was about as mean as you can get since it meant my neighborhood would be packed with people leaving the game and regular rush hour. It was a trial by fire.

My last/first Door Dash delivery was a failure on every front imaginable and, frankly, if there were someplace else that offered delivery of fried okra, but didn't use Door Dash, I'd have tried them first.

The app told me that they would be 15 minutes late. I figured that meant 35 or 50 (the last time the app told me it was delivered a good 50 minutes before I saw it). BUT, in the end, a really really nice guy had my food at my door 10 minutes after it was originally promised which I thought was actually a miracle.

And the food was so good. The chicken livers were perfect. Crunchy and tasty. The okra was floured (the other place in town uses cornmeal which I like better but they also use too much hot pepper) but really good and the peach cobbler was perfect. And I have enough of all of it for dinner tonight and maybe lunch tomorrow! So very much a success.

I discovered yesterday that the $340 inhalers (3 of them) I got at Costco are the wrong ones. I think I know how it happened - regular doctor vs. lung doctor - overlapping prescriptions. I have been using Spiriva 2.5 and the ones I got are 1.5. There is likely nothing I can do about it even if I wanted to wade through the morass of doctors and insurance to try. But, instead, I've decided to embrace it. I did not even know you could get a lower dose version. If I can get by on the lower dose version, that will be great! Right now I have 2 lower dose and 2 higher dose. Plus the one lower dose I started yesterday. That will take me through to January when I go back to lung doctor. By then I should know if I can get by on the lower dose and can get him to refill that one. I honestly think it will be fine. If It's not, I'll deal with it then.

Today I want to cut the neck band off the shirt I made the other day and redo it so it has a bigger neckline. The glory of making your own clothes is that a fix like this is easy peasy.

And that's it for plans for today! It's supposed to be way cooler out but I really don't have any reason to find out for myself and I love that. Plenty to entertain right here.

I interrupted a private session and got the eye from both of them.


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