Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I can tell you exactly which muscles got used and abused in my furniture moving. Sadly, it wasn't even that much moving! But, there was carpet which makes everything more difficult to budge and really it's the down on the floor and reaching to get to the powerstrip and getting back up again.

And, it seemed like mere minutes after I posted that original entry, Frank texted that he was on my street if I needed any help! How nice was that?!

I thought about skipping the gym this morning and doing 30 minutes on my new treadmill when it gets here but decided it was better to start ahead of the game. So I went and treadmilled and it was not that much fun. But, it's behind me.

The bedroom is ready. The new treadmill should be here before 3.

The housecleaner is coming early today. 8:30 she said. There is a Mariner game at 1 and she wants to get here and gone before things get clogged up. Suits me fine and dandy. Plus, since her vacuum and the air conditioner do not get along, I have to turn off the a/c and today is going to be hot so the earlier I can get it turned back on, the better.

Part of the congestion problem, outside of the ballgame, is the viaduct removal which is finished at the north end but not here. Some of the roads are narrowed or closed and so are some intersections. Traffic is a bigger mess than usual around here.

BUT yesterday someone tweeted this very cool page. It shows the camera shots/history of four sections of the viaduct coming down. And each section has a time lapse. It's mesmerizing.

The Smalls is having a morning. He started by licking my nose at 4 am and would not stop. Now he's busy knocking over everything. The two of them were up on the 3/4ths walls this morning knocking down more dust balls. Now Smalls is sitting on my hands as I type. Now he's in the scratching post bowl bugging Biggie. I need to find his off button or at least his rheostat so I can slow him down a bit.

This is his night time routine now... He likes to get up close with the baseball game. (And you can see where I keep Costco surplus.)

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