Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Playing the old lady card

Particularly since I turned 70, I've become pretty fast and loose with the old lady card. If someone offers me their seat on the bus, I'll take it. Metaphorically and literally. And most of the time, I think it's justified. I'm too old to get down there on the ground and do xyz. I'm too old to climb on that ladder. I'm too old...

Except when I want something done now. Right now. And then guess who's probably still too old but will do it anyway???

The treadmill is scheduled to arrive tomorrow! Go Costco! To fit it into the bedroom - the only space available in the house except the terrace and I am NOT going outside - I have to move one large dresser, one large night stand, one book case and get behind all that shit and plug and unplug. I gave some thought to asking ljtourist to help. It would take the two of us maybe 5 minutes to do all of it. And I know he's walking right by here twice tomorrow. And would be happy to help

Well, let's just see if I can nudge the big one. It doesn't have to go far. Nudged. Ohhhh crap look at all the dust back there. And the power strip is now in the way. Fixed. Maybe if I went slowly and kind of walked it over walking side to side, I could gt that giant bedside cabinet over... After a long while and several swear words and one finger nail, done.

Then more vacuuming and dusting. I emptied the book case and it was a piece of cake. Done!!! All of it! Ready. Of course, my back and legs and arms will likely be screaming bloody murder tomorrow but it's done. And it's going to fit perfect plus it's going to look fine in the spot.

Old lady. Yep.

I do need to get rid of that bedside cabinet. But it's full of stuff that has no other home. And it's a nice, solid piece. I might get rid of the book case instead. But, for now. We're good and we're ready.

Also I have a cart filled - overflowing actually - with Goodwill stuff to drop off tomorrow while the house cleaner is here. Good, productive day.

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