Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A very unexpected answer

Last week, my pissed off level at one of the Mariner broadcasters reached peak and I wrote to the CEO. I could only find a postal address so I wrote an actual letter with a stamp and envelope - like the old timey days. I did not expect a reply. I was just looking for a place to bitch.

I told him that broadcaster Aaron on TV was making me crazy and he needed to be put back on radio where I didn't have to hear his constant stupid gibberish. And, nice, calm, Dave, needed to stick to TV. Their magazine says that Dave is their premiere TV broadcaster but they kept sticking him on radio and sticking us with Annoying Aaron.

Here's the entirety of his response:

First and foremost, thanks for taking the time to write a letter. Old fashion snail mail letter as you referred to it.

Thanks for being a fan and for sticking with us. Thanks for your support in the Diamond Club and for paying attention to our Broadcast when you are away from T-Mobile park.

Your letter makes me smile. We get complaints/compliments frequently on our announcers. Without sharing to much information, your comments are in the slight minority…. We get similar e-mails/letters about Dave that are 180 degrees off from your take. Different flavors for different folks I guess. Aaron, Dave, Rick and Mike all put a lot of time into their craft. They are also very good at taking suggestions, criticism. We think we have a very talented team and are hoping to keep the crew together for years to come. Both Aaron and Dave really want to be on TV over radio so some of this is trying to keep both parties happy.

Not an answer that you were looking for but I wanted to acknowledge that I received your letter, appreciate that you would take the time to write it and that I will be forwarding your note to our Senior Vice President that oversees the Broadcast department.

Please keep the comments coming!

Soooooo Old Dave has his share of OMG NOT HIM AGAIN peops. heheheh I guess that doesn't surprise me. I do hope he's wrong about keeping the team together. If they lose old Aaron between the seasons, I would not hate it.

Also I love that he uses no salutation or signature. Actually, I love that he used email!

I'm impressed.
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