Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Creative cooking

I just put together dinner. It's Old White Lady Hamburger Mongolian Beef over rice.

It's a combo of an Instagram video, that cooking lady from Oklahoma on TV who uses fat and rarely, if ever, uses kale, and what I had on hand.

Hamburger browned. Then I added chopped up garlic and chopped up ginger Then I mixed soy sauce and corn starch with a tiny bit of sugar and some MSG and poured it over the hamburger. I chopped up a bunch of green onions - white and green parts and threw those in. Then I browned some mushrooms and added those in. I topped it all off with some a little water because it had no juice and that wasn't enough so I added a little madeira. And pulled it off the heat. And added in a handful of broccoli slaw. I think it's going to delicious. Or disgusting. Hard to tell at this point. I'll re-hot in an hour or so and 'enjoy' over rice.

Edit after dinner: Turns out there is a very good reason why they don't make Mongolian beef with hamburger. Otherwise, it was pretty tasty.]

The cats let me cut out a new top today and get the assembly started. The serger gave me a little fit. I had changed a bunch of settings to do the big fat quilt and I had a devil of a time getting the settings back to working on regular fabric. Note to sell, next time TAKE NOTES! Finally I hit on the right combo and all of a sudden it started working just like it should. Whew. I took copious notes and pictures.

About that time, the cats had had enough sewing. So we quit for the day.

I'm now 20 episodes into Step Dave (Amazon Prime) - the drama set in Auckland. My ears have converted and all ears hear are those weird Kiwi e's. I have about 6 more episodes to go. It's just a charming show. I hate there are only two seasons. I'll miss these people.

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