Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


As if to say 'good thing you bought that treadmill', the gym's music was really ugly this morning and loud. And there was some kind of talking. I had earphones in and my book going so all I could really make out was just annoying noise. My future treadmill talks will be annoying noise free. I went back to check this morning and the Costco website says it will be here in 2-5 business days. Which means before the weekend and labor day (when the gym is closed) so yeah!

Also the treadmill at the gym has arms that come out and mess with my arms. I can swing my arms but I brush up against the treadmill's and so I generally just put my hands on them which is not optimum treadmilling. Mine has no arms which will be way better.

I have a short grocery list of non-critical items and I wouldn't mind a vanilla cake from Trader Joe's. Maybe there will be an outing later today. I do need to clean up the sewing room after quilt-a-paloosa. And I also want to sew up some of the fabric on my shelves. I made a great dent with the quilts. Now I need to tackle some of the other fabric. I think maybe a light weight long sleeved top... or two - for starters.

The cats have a new version of king on the mountain today. The one who didn't get the prime spot in the bowl, goes to the other side of the room and pretends to find something AMAZING!!! The one in the bowl then goes to investigates and so, immediately loses his turn as the one across the room makes a beeline for the bowl. And again. And again. The internet says they are now 9 in people years. Seems about right.

Tonight the Mariners start 3 games with the Yankees. It could, and probably will, get ugly. Oh well.

Shower time.

But, first, Biggie from last night.

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