Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ok, now I'm a walker

I just bought a treadmill. I've had my eye on the Bodycraft Space-Walker Walking Treadmill for a long time but it was just too pricey. It's the right size for the only space I have in the house. Plus I like how it looks. Its weight limit accommodates my giantness.

Today, in poking around at treadmill options, I discovered that Costco now has it. And it's now $300 less than it was last time I looked. So after some due diligence with reviews and stuff and I also studied the Costco return policy for buying heavy stuff online, I pulled the trigger. Just as I was finishing up, I remembered my $50 Costco cash card which I totally forgot about when I was buying drugs. It covered the taxes exactly.

whew. Still a lot of cash. And now I have a full book case to find a home for as well as its contents...

I finished my winter quilt.


And the Mariners won.

All in all, not a bad day so far.

Oh and the cat tree builder says he's shipping my stuff next Wednesday. (He's also very apologetic about the delay which is nice of him.)
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