Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Bury me in bacon grease

The love affair continues. I may never eat breakfast out again. Last week I got a new toaster oven and it makes toast exactly like I like it - very toasted and snappy crisp. And now my eggs are brought to life in the nectar of the gods. Who could ask for more??!!

Last night's game was exhausting. We had another new pitcher who, I swear, thought he was being paid by the hour. The first half inning lasted a lifetime. Actually, the whole game was slower than Christmas. It started at 7 and ended at 11. Even with the promise of fireworks, many of the Mariner fans were gone by the 7th inning. The Canadians, bless them, of course, stayed to the end.

The sing along fireworks were disappointing. It wasn't a good combo. The sing along was fine. The fireworks were fine but the two together were distracting. Thankfully, the fireworks show was way shorter than last time. I was home by 11:30.

On the way home, as I got to my block, there was a cop car blocking traffic which was very odd since there was a bunch of traffic. And then as I got closer to my front door, I saw that a car had flipped in the road just by door. They had enough onlookers so I went on in to my flat but very curious. The street is a two land street divided from the other (2 land) direction by an elevated land median with trees. Particularly since the taking down of the viaduct, it's never empty enough to get any speed. I cannot figure out how you could even flip a car there. Very strange.

Here's the woman who sits in front of me Shirt Of The Night.


The cats let me sleep in. They wanted to get up about 5 but we chatted and they relented and we all went back to sleep.

Today's agenda involves quilting and TV watching and baseball watching and, probably, laundry. But, first up is kitchen clean up and then a walk before it gets hot which it's not supposed to but better safe than sorry.
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