Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Done and done and done

Got the prescriptions. The guy checking me out was doing his end and I was doing my keypad stuff. And all of a sudden he says STOP STOP!! Are you aware of how much this is going to be? ... yup but it was nice of him to be shocked. 90 days worth of 4 things. 1 was $1.62. 1 was $3.89. 1 was $6.18. and 1 was $338. And that's with insurance. But, on the up side, I'm now fixed until January. Due to insurance years and the way medicaid for drugs works, the next two rounds will be way cheaper.

I also picked up a chicken alfredo and then came home and divided it up into single servings and popped it into the freezer. 6 dinners for under $17. I'm cool with that.


And I got gas. Not driving to the pool ever day is lowering my already ridiculously low gas bill.

Back home, I made great progress on the quilt. With help, of course.


That's The Smalls in the orange collar. He does look smaller. A little bit.

Anyway the corners of the quilt did not turn out like I wanted to so I have some remedial work to do there but it's coming along.

The Small's was driving me nuts just now so I pulled out the nail clippers and gave him a manicure. He's now gone off with Biggie somewhere. If I catch Biggie in the right mood, he's cool with nail clipping but The Smalls still requires a towel burrito. He'll learn.

I took several courses in literature criticism when I was in school but none of it really took. I know, when I'm reading or listening to a novel, if the grammar is bad or the writing gets in the way of the story. I know when I get bored with the plot that often it's the telling of it and not the plot itself. But, I'm hard pressed to put my finger on what makes a good read good.

I just finished a book that I really enjoyed right down to the last word.

And then last night I started Witch Elm by Tana French. It was on some list of must reads or something and I had put a hold on it in the library. The hold came ready yesterday so I figured, okdokey. next book. I purposefully did not look at the blurb, or even see if I'd ever read anything by Tana French. I just dove in. I listened last night for an hour and this morning while I walked for a half hour. I have no idea where this book is going but I am transfixed. I am totally sucked in. I don't even know the characters yet and already I'm wondering what's happening. It's tedious in its detail which ordinarily would not work with me but it's sure working now.

What makes this book so good? I have no idea. And it might not or even hold up for the remaining 21 hours but this hour and a half will have been worth it regardless. I'm now a tiny bit sorry, I didn't pay more attention in class. It might be fun to know why/how this is so compelling to me.

But,now it's game time! Gotta go hang with the Canadians!
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