Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Just the usual

I think my swimmers ear may not be swimmers ear... On and off my ears have itched mightily - not way inside but inside. Once or twice they have gotten very sore. I talked to my doctor about it a while back and he asked 'what happens when you don't swim?' I couldn't answer then, but I can now. No change. I do have antibiotic drops that work well when they get very sore but don't do much for the itch. I wonder if there are little bugs in there.

At least now I don't have to worry that my swimming is the cause! 13 more days of dry dock.

When I was growing up, my mom used bacon grease in a lot of her cooking. Nearly everything she sauteed was sauteed in bacon grease. It was free. She used Crisco shortening for deep fat frying but bacon grease for everything else. So, I did, too. But, a few dozen years or so ago, I found Costco's pre-cooked bacon and I never looked back. I keep in the freezer and pull out one slice or four as needed. Always ready. The down side is that I haven't had any bacon grease in those few dozen years.

Last weekend, in comments mhaithaca planted the idea of being able to buy bacon grease. This had never occurred to me. I found it on Amazon! Last night I had potatoes fried in bacon grease with eggs fried in bacon grease and OMG. So delicious. I now have an ample supply of shelf stable goodness. yeah!

Yesterday, after it warmed up a little, I shut the door but the cats were so sad that I relented and left it open a crack - wide enough for them. Last night, after they ate their dinner, they promptly went outside to play. This cracked me up.

Still no cat tree addition from Poland. Sigh. This morning I took this photo and sent it to him begging him to hurry.


Last night I changed my mind about the quilt biding. I want it bigger. So today, I'll redo what I did before I attach it to the quilt.

And I'll be making a Costco trip when they open at 10.

And then tonight is a Diamond Club night. With karoke fireworks after the game. I'm quite looking forward to it.
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