Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Costco sent a text saying that now all four of my prescriptions are ready and I know exactly how much money it will cost me. I like. Lots better than the options I've tied before. I'll probably go get them (and gas and hopefullynottoomuchelse) tomorrow morning.

I finished the quilt. I could add one more panel but, honestly, I'm not sure my serger would stand for it and it's fine, as is. I am adding a 2.5" binding all around it. I have the quilt trimmed and the binding made, pressed and ready to add. The binding is done on the regular machine.


It's exactly the weight I wanted. I'm so delighted.

And the air conditioner is a cool, happy dude again. I let him rest and cleaned his filters and he repays me with comfort. We're so good together.

I was going to order dinner delivery but I think I'll wait. I like to get a lot and then have the leftovers tomorrow. Except tomorrow I'm going to the ballgame so no dinner here. Not an issue. I have a freezer full of food. Plenty of dinner options.

Biggie is passed out here on the chair next to me and The Smalls is up in the tree basket. Quilting is hard work. They are exhausted.
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