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When my 30 minutes on the treadmill was up this morning, I had 13 minutes left on my audiobook so I walked around the block to finish it. They finished taking down a new section of the viaduct so I inspected that and by the time I was home the book was done. It was a good one. Really good. By an author I'd never heard of before and who already has several more all done. Nice. Jar of Hearts by Jennifer Hillier

I also have a good one going on my Kindle. Together by Judy Goldman.

Early yesterday morning, Instagram went down. I think the outage was pretty widespread but somehow during the day, I got the notion it was only still down on the west coast. I wondered what my Instagram stalk-ees were doing all day. This morning it was still down and it crossed my mind that this might be a good time to wean myself off of it. I love what I find there but I hate that it's Facebook.

But, then it hit me. If it's only the west coast, maybe it's only certain ISP's. So I turned wifi off on my phone and tried it. Bam. Works perfectly. Shit. And then I saw an ad for a meal service that was meals for one. Perfect! But I refuse to click on an Instagram ad. I then forgot the name and Google won't tell me. I did figure out that there is an ad after every 2 story accounts and, thereafter, after every 4 and they do not repeat - maybe within 24 hours.

So I'll never find that service and I'm still hooked on Instagram. Buggers.

I don't understand why there are a bascillion services that will send or deliver you meals as often as you like - a wide variety of stuff - and none - zero - not one that I can find that delivers single servings. When you Google meals for one you get meals for 2-4. I don't understand why Google is so bad a numbers.

Still no word from the cat tree guy. Both cats are now stuffed into the basket and sleeping peacefully so not a real crisis yet. This morning they happened to be standing side by side and I noticed that they are both about the same length. But Biggie is still very much bigger. He's bigger around and has bigger feet. And weighs maybe 2 pounds more. The Smalls has a couple of kinks in his tail but Biggie's tail is straight.

In the middle of the night, I can tell them apart by their behaviors if nothing else. Biggie is calm and willing to snuggle in next to my side. The Smalls is busy. he must put his face into mine. He takes forever to settle in and often goes under the covers to explore.

They are good kitties. Very good. And constantly hilarious.

Today there is no baseball. It's still coolish out. There will be quilting. With any luck I could get the actual quilt finished today and then there will be only the binding left to do. I'm a little worried that my serger is not happy with the thickness of this quilt. I'd like to get it done so the serger can go back to being happy.

I think the air conditioner might be unhappy, too. It did not cool last night. After I finish this entry, I'm going to unplug it, clean the filters and do a reset and hope. We have 80 degree days in the forecast.

The pool opens two weeks from today. I'll be so glad not to be sweaty again.

The Smalls just resettled himself in the basket and now has his head snuggled into Biggie's neck. awwwwwwww
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