Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

An August miracle!

It's August 21 and cool enough for me to turn off the air conditioner! The door has been open all day and it's lovely.

The ballgame has been a good one. The Mariners took the lead in the top of the 9th. and are 3 outs away from a win.[And, of course, lost anyway... sigh]

I got texts from Costco that three of my prescriptions are ready and they include what my costs are for each in the texts which is really nice. I'm waiting now for the 4th and final one. It's the Spiriva inhaler and should be about $350. I suspect they had to special order it. But I am encouraged.

Good quilt progress but, again, I had to cat stop. I'm hoping I can get at least one more seam in this afternoon. The trouble makers are napping and, I suspect, gathering new energy to help with the quilt.
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