Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


On my walk to the gym this morning, I thought I felt a drip or two. By the time I left, we had a regular Seattle rainy day. (That would be a drizzle to anyone else. Rain like they have in movies and TV shows set in Seattle rarely happens in real life.) It's wonderful. The sliding glass doors to the terrace are open. The cats have been in and out checking on every detail of the outside. Right now Biggie is on lookout out there and The Smalls has control of the cat tree basket.

I'm surprised and amused by the number of people this week who are surprised and appalled by the president's words and actions. If he is one thing it is consistent. He is no different now than he was back when he was married to Ivana and she called him The Donald. This country elected him and the majority support him today. It's frustrating to me that so much energy is going into wanting to impeach him when replacing him should be the goal. Impeachment does not equal removal from office. And he will be re-elected unless something changes drastically and quickly. We have lots more years of appalled-ness.

And speaking of losers, the Mariner game is at 10 am this morning. And, right now, they aren't even losers. They keep winning. It won't last but it is fun. My next Diamond Club game is Friday. The Blue Jays. All of western Canada will be there. I've always said that if you want an uncrowded weekend in Victoria and Vancouver, check to see when the Blue Jays are playing in Seattle.

The cats continue to amuse. Last night I woke up to discover I was sleeping 2 cats and The Stickie. The latter was stabbing me. Yesterday's quilting had to be halted because of 'help' from the pair. Hopefully, I can get more done this morning. It's actually coming along nicely.

I used the Costco app last night to refill my drugs. For the first time. I'm still a month away from needing the refills but I have had a month of light spending plus I want to make time for things to go wrong in case they want to. The app did not immediately show me that I had ordered what I wanted to but this morning it does list my three drugs as "getting refilled" which is encouraging. There are still a lot of unknowns with the process but that's why I gave myself extra time. I do so hope it works out without a lot of drama.

Time now to go take a shower. The boys now have their own shower routine. Biggie stands in between the shower curtain and the liner and peers around the liner to see what I'm doing. They both know when the noise stops to line up exactly where I want to step. And as soon as I'm out, they are paws on the tub to see what the water is going to do. Same thing every day. I like the routine.
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