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Begging to pay

One time years ago, it dawned on me that I had not seen a county real estate tax bill. In ages. At the time I was not as financially anal as I am now. (Now I know the bills come out on Feb. 16 and I am on them like white on rice that day.) I researched and found the bills and the payment history online. My tax bills were being paid by some big bank (I actually forget which one). They had been for $5,000 worth. My mortgage, at the time, had been tossed around to a couple of different financial institution but I'd never had any kind of account at this big bank.

So... I tried to contact them and pay them back. As I type that now I realize how ridiculous that was but at the time, I really tried. But, unless you had an account number there was no way to even reach the people in charge of paying real estate taxes. I documented the process dutifully and after six months gave up. I contacted the county and even that was not an easy 'sell'. After many tried, I finally got a manager and made her look at the records and swore to her that I had no mortgage at that bank nor had I ever and they should not be sending the tax bills there. I got the tax bills sent to me. I kept $5,000 in savings ready to pay up for several years. No one ever came asking.

A few years ago, Staples - the office supply place - had a windows tablet on sale at a really good price so I ordered one. They never charged me for it. I contacted them a couple of times but they assured me that what I was saying was not possible and I finally gave up. That was about $100. I never paid for it at all. The tablet sucked so I was not grief stricken.

Now Zappos. I sent them a note this morning explaining that I owed them $$ - that they did not charge me for the shoes I bought. It will be interesting to see how they reply. In my experience they have the best customer service on the planet. I hope that holds true this time. On the up side, they offer phone, text and email support explaining, on their website, what to expect at each level - email may take a day or so.

After I finish this quilt and maybe the next one, I need to get on the drawer/closet purge/organize kick. I have two bathroom drawers that just can't keep themselves straight. I need to empty and resupply. And one section of my bedroom closet also needs a total empty out and reset.

Ha! Just got a response from Zappos.

Wow, now that really is a different email subject![Subject was "I owe you $"] Thank you for being so honest. However, upon review of your account, we are showing that the charge on $116.14 did process on your Zappos account on 08-12-19. I would recommend contacting your credit card company to let them know you are not seeing the charge on your account.

So... yeah. Free shoes! No way am I going to put myself through the hell of contacting Chase to tell them they didn't charge me. Life is too short to fight that battle. Maybe they will figure it out and it will show up later.


There are two TV announcers - Dave and Mike. There are two radio announcers - Aaron and Rick.

Aaron is a very annoying announcer who just never ever shuts up. As meowmensteen says he gives me a sore throat just listening to him. Mike and Dave are a particularly good team. Very easy listening/watching. Plus I can TiVo the game and replay when I miss something and fast forward through the commercials.

Lately, however, they keep moving Dave to radio and sticking Asshole Aaron on the TV. I can't stand it. I mute the TV and then line it up with the radio (TV is 30-45 seconds ahead of radio) and if I miss something that is said, I'm screwed and there's no fast forwarding through anything.

The other day, Dave posted a ballpark photo on Instagram. I replied that I had been missing him on TV and he answered, in a DM, that he'd be on for Toronto, which he was. But now he's back on radio for this latest series (the broadcast schedule is set per series). I sent him a nicely worded WTF DM and he replied that Kevin Mather is the CEO and president and he thanked me for my support.

So... I wrote Kevin Mather an actual snail mail letter and told him - nicely - to get Asshole Aaron off my TV NOW! I'm sure nothing will come of it, but it made me feel better.

I may make a Grocery Outlet run today but I also may not. I will be quilting today and watching the game at 4.

Me and The Smalls


Me and Biggie

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