Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


These cats are making me crazy. I have not found what is low on battery but I am sure whatever it is, it's something they hosed up. I discovered this morning that they unplugged my Roku speakers and, Roku speakers don't like to be unplugged. I had to totally reset them and repair them and it was a major PIA.

The afghan I crocheted has lived happily on the back of the orange chair since last winter. Until today. The Smalls won't leave it alone. He gets all into it with his claws and pretty soon he's going to shred it.

You can see it here in the background.


This is how he leaves it now every time I put it back.


I did get the quilt fabric all cut out and set up ready for the machine. The cats ran out of patience when it got to the batting. I got almost half of it done before they basically said 'step away from the batting'. Biggie LOVES the stuff. He loves to claw it and eat it.


Just as I typed that last sentence, I realize that both cats were in their afternoon coma so I quick grabbed the rest of the batting and cut it out without interference!!! Ahhhh. Now it's on to the serger - probably tomorrow.

I also remembered to update my Windows machine. I still have a Windows laptop. I use it for three things. I run Thunderbird on it to save a local copy of my email. I run LJ archive on it to save a local copy of this journal. And, I need it to because Adobe still won't let you print layers on Android or Chrome OS. Sewing pattern makers publish one PDF and use layers to isolate the various sizes. It's a very elegant solution all around except for stupid Adobe. So I keep the Windows machine going and try to remember to update it every once in a while.

I think now I'll take advantage of the cat coma to do some knitting while I watch some TV.
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