Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

No reason

I'm really feeling old lately. Aches and pains that just pop up out of nowhere. Sometimes there's a pain in the middle of my right foot. And then it goes away and sometimes comes back. Yesterday my thigh went totally numb for a good 10 minutes - for no reason. Getting up from sitting or lying down takes more than a couple of seconds to get steady enough to get anywhere. The actual list is much longer.

It's ok. I am old so feeling it is expected.

BUT. The walking is helping. I just stood at the kitchen counter for nearly 4 hours straight cutting fabric. My back only just now started whining about it. I noticed this week when I was running errands that I had more stamina and was able to go and do as long as I wanted which is kind of a change from a few months ago.

So, as much as I hate it... and I do really really hate it... at least the walking is rewarding.

And I can't believe the cats let me do all that cutting. Whew. I got way more than half the fabric cut out for Quilt 2.0. I stopped because I decided to assemble, too. So I'm choosing and stacking the pieces right sides together in distinct rows. When I get 24 done, I'll take them to the serger and whip 'em out.

I'll get the rest cut out and 'rowed' tomorrow and also cut out the stuffing. That's way more than half way to finished quilt. Nice.


The Mariners just took the lead in the 8th. I'm going to make a cheese sauce to go over the rest of the White Lady Enchiladas and have the rest of them for dinner tonight.

The cats are still napping so I think I'll do some knitting.
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