Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Losing money

I'm losing money hand over fist. On the upside, I'm not losing nearly as much as really really rich people are losing. And Trump will be blamed for their losing all that money and the money I'm losing is investment money that I've actually lost before so not a tragedy but still...

And, speaking of losing money, Zappos is dealing dirty. Usually, I buy and return a bunch of shoes before finding one pair that I like and keep but sometimes not even one pair. This latest go-round has me maybe needing to keep two pair! I'm in tests. I wore my sandals to the gym and took one pair to try. I waited until I got inside the gym to put them on so I could still return them if they didn't work for treadmill walking. Sadly, they worked fine. Tomorrow I'll do the same with pair number two.

If I have to keep both, so be it. Even together they do not cost what I was resigned to paying for one pair that will work on the treadmill. (I figure if they will work on the treadmill, they will work perfectly well everywhere else.)

The treadmill walk this morning was still ok. I can now see myself doing it every day and its not being as horrible as I imagined. This morning a woman who was clearly at home there stopped by my treadmill and asked 'where have you been?' meaning she hadn't seen me in a long time. It's been about 6 years or maybe even more since I belonged to the gym but even more oddly, I did not recognize here even the tiniest bit. I explained that I'd been swimming and was back for a month while my pool was closed. She seemed satisfied and went away. Weird.

Today is house cleaner day so get out of the house day. I have a car full of Goodwill donations and then maybe I'll pop into the grocery.

The new quilt 'slept' perfectly. I have the next one all figured out. It will be for winter so not that big of a hurry.

Now I need to check the house for stuff that needs to be put away so Amira can clean and then get into the shower.
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