Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My day

Immediately after writing that I was going nowhere, I got up and went and got a manicure! I remembered a place that I'd had good service before. It's over by the pool so I always close to it but never when it's open. Today I just waltzed in and they took me right away. A lovely young woman 'did' me and did a fine job and gave me a happy ending! While my nails were drying she gave me a shoulder and neck massage. It was wonderful. She also did a great job on my nails. And... she did not speak much English at all so NO CHIT CHAT!!

They look lovely against Biggies butt.


One problem with regular nail polish (as opposed to gels/powders) is curing time. It's so hard to just sit there and not use your hands for as long as you need to for the polish to set. Today, however, I was ready. I whipped out my Kindle and just read for 15 minutes. Now, here I am 5 hours later and there's not a scratch on 'em. Very satisfying. I may well go back again one more time before the pool opens.

I passed by the pool and looked to make sure there were no cars in it. I saw one of my fellow early morning folks standing at the corner. I think he rents an apartment across the street from the gym. An older guy. Really nice.

While I was getting a manicure, an old woman came in for a mani/pedi. She had on a very old Doors t-shirt on. I try to keep in my mind what I must look like to other people. It's very different than what I look like to me. To other people I am a fat old lady. Slow physically and probably slow mentally. But, at least able to get around on her own. And wearing a gynormous watch. The woman with the Doors t-shirt had on a granny watch but otherwise was a fat slow old lady. That t-shirt was a nice touch, tho. Wonder if she has Rolling Stones tickets.

I finished the quilt and I'm very delighted.


It's exactly the size I wanted. In Summer, particularly, I hate having too much blanket. Plus, I love how it looks on the bed. It could that for winter, I need a little more blanket real estate. I'm sure I will need it thicker. But I can use this one to test out and decide.


That's The Smalls there testing it out.

The Mariners are playing in Detroit so the 'night' game starts at 4 which is now. Also they are worse than we are so we have half a chance at not losing. yeah?
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