Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Getting to the gym this morning was easier than yesterday which was easier than the day before. I'm still only doing 30 minutes of a nice leisurely treadmill walk but it's doable and better than nothing. Tija (the gym owner) told me that 6 - 7:30 was very busy and this morning she was right. By the time I finished - 6:10, all the treadmills were full and the other machines were getting populated.

In a stunning reversal of normal, the Building Manager actually sent a useful, straightforward email yesterday. He let us know that the Rolling Stones will be doing a very loud sound check at the stadium tonight from 7-10. This also served as a reminder that they will be in concert on Wednesday. They concert stage faces away from here so for most concerts/sound checks all we get here is, actually, loud noise. I am, however, looking forward to seeing the parade of old people going into the concert on Wednesday.

My friends from the South Island of New Zealand have their trip for next year all planned and I'm so excited for them. They come every 2 or 3 years and always stop here for 5-7 days and then do New York or California or both. Sometimes, Southern Canada. But this year they are taking a trip I'd almost like to go with them on.

So this time next year, they will have seen more of the United Stages than I have! They get here the week of July 4. This year's Kiwi, comingto Seattle in October, is msconduct - representing the North Island!

Very coincidentally, last night I started watching a funky TV show on Prime - Step Dave. I was having a hard time understanding the accents - even with closed caption turned on until I finally realized it was set in New Zealand. Once I tuned my ear to Kiwi, it was a lot easier to understand what they were saying.

Today I'm going to sew the binding onto the quilt. I got it half done yesterday.

And I need to pick up cat detritus before the house cleaner gets here tomorrow. Otherwise, the day's activities are up in the air. It's going to be warm out, so unless there's a critical need to go get something, there won't be any going anywhere.

There will be a shower, however. Now.
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