Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

This feels personal

badrobot68 shared a tweet with me this morning that was these four pictures.

It's the swimming pool of an LA Fitness that is in the north part of Seattle. A car crashed through the window into the pool WHILE PEOPLE WERE SWIMMING! Seriously, the idea freaks me out totally. Plus, just last year a motorhome crashed into the pool at my former gym one morning.

What is it with vehicular swimming around here????

My LA Fitness pool is situated in a manner that would make it very difficult for a car to crash into the pool. It could happen but it would not be simple. And, of course, I wouldn't be in it because it's closed. Also this happened at 8 am and I wouldn't be in it then anyway but still... this just freaks me out a little.

My shoes have arrived. They got here at 9 am which is amazing. Not so amazing is that neither Amazon nor Zappos let me know they had been delivered. Not handy.

None were keepers and so now they are all labeled and waiting for the UPS (who still handles their returns) driver who will be here shortly. Efficient.

One of the pairs will work BUT I can't handle black. So I ordered it in the only other color - beige. Another pair I liked a lot and then found on Amazon for $20 less. So I got them, too. I've got the Keens so I'm good for now. And the Goodwill hamper just got some shoes.

I got the quilt all pieced together and the binding all decided - which fabric (an old sheet - turquoise) and how big (3"). I'm so jazzed. I'm going to eat lunch because I'm starving and then I'll start cutting out the binding.
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