Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

drive bys

I was in the bedroom running the hooks through the new shower curtain liner with both cats helping. The Smalls started honking, coughing a little. He did it once and then some time passed but when he did it again,Biggie hopped down off the bed immediately and went to check on his brother. He put his nose right in The Small's face until the coughing stopped. It was so sweet.

I heard The Smalls do this once several days ago. Today it was really only two honks. I'm hope hope hoping it's nothing.

Turns out that Amazon is now delivering Zappos! Makes sense but still kind of shocking. On the up side, my order was scheduled for Tuesday delivery but Amazon says it will be here tomorrow! Next up, I hope, Amazon credit card cash back rewards... When Amazon first bought Zappos I was so worried they would fuck it up but it's been at least 10 years - yep exactly 10 years - and they haven't fucked it up yet.

My calves are not wild about this walking on the treadmill thing either, turns out. We're all suffering from pool closure - sigh.

Biggie was trying to help the Mariners out this afternoon.

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