Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

More Kitty University

I discovered today, two easy easy easy ways to wake a kitten up.

1. Sit down at a serger. You don't have to actually do anything. And, probably, a regular sewing machine will work, too. Both fast asleep in the living room. I go down the hall and do a couple of things. No kittens. I slip into the sewing room and sit down. KITTENS!! On Top of me!!!

2. Stand up at the kitchen counter and put your hand on the scissors. In seconds kittens go from dead asleep to sitting on whatever it is you want to cut and then proceed to paw the scissor blades.

But, finally they slipped into a coma and I got to work. Mainly I wanted to get the first panel set going to prove to me that I was on the right track.

Look here! It's me. On the right track!!


Here's the far edge of the quilt. Next I'll be adding more rows to these two... probably 9 more rows. It's working just as I had hoped. For this one I'm doing random piecing of random fabrics on both the front and the back. I have not decided what I'm going to do for the edging yet. I decided to quit while I was ahead for today. I'm pleased.

Earlier today, they were not napping and they were creating havoc as I tried to cut or sew. I looked and it was cloudy out and the temperature seemed rational so I thought I'd try for a walk. I had gotten this wild craving for a hamburger. It was only 10:30 but I was hungry and so why not. I walked over to Chinatown where there is a decidedly American burger place that does fast and acceptable burgers. And has a pleasant place to sit down and enjoy them. My Kindle and I did. Then I went next door to the Japanese grocery and snagged a couple of apples and some Spokane tomatoes that won't be great but will be better than normal, maybe. Then home. Walk Accomplished.

My brother called. He'd doing good. He noted that a knee replacement is way hurtier than when he had his hip replaced. But, drugs.

The whole FOB situation about which I had stressed myself beyond reason expecting the worst, turned out very fine. The FOBs themselves are very small. They could easily be carried in a wallet, for instance. I got one and a backup without even a fight at all. The housecleaner has go to to the office and get hers next week when she's here. No pain at all. And the building manager who is usually mean as a snake to me, could not have been nicer.It was a little weird.

The kitties are now awake again. Here's The Smalls helping himself to my crochet.


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