Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Kitten University

Kittens are great teachers.

They teach you that if you ever want to see your stuff again, put it away. Not in a little bit, right this very minute.

They show you that when you think you've put everything away, you actually haven't. They will come behind you dragging whatever it is you left out.

They teach you that the thing you wanted to do right now? You really didn't. Not so much. And don't forget to put it away. You can get it out again later when they are sleeping.

Anyone ever grab some toilet paper, blow your nose, and then toss it into the toilet and not flush? Well, you won't do that twice around here. They literally fish that toilet paper out of the bowl and then play with it leaving little bits everywhere so you can see their good work.

And, p.s. Don't measure anything. If you use a flat tape measure, they will chew the ends to shreds. That metal stopper?? So mis-named. And the retracting tape measure? You mean the cat toy with the inches marked on it? Yeah, don't use that to measure either. Kitty nap time is aka measure time.

They make me sooooo smart.
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