Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The Adventures of Stickie

I did, indeed, go out for a walk and it was so nice and cool, I walked up to the park and around - about 2.5 times longer than normal. I also picked up lunch. And checked on the viaduct. It's gone in many spots - most spots actually. But, at two intersections here in my neighborhood, from my street, it looks like it always has.

This is what it looks like closest to my house:


Two streets over


Three streets over


Those last two intersections are where the road is perilously close to buildings (in some cases less than 10 feet). They are going really slowly in those sections.

When I got back from my walk, both cats were sitting on the credenza by the front door... just waiting.

So I told them we could have some quality Stickie time. Only, I couldn't find Sitckie!! Anywhere. So I got out Stickie 2. They played gamely but you could tell their heart wasn't in it. They went to drink water.

So I went to do a little sewing. When I finished and came back to the living room Stickie had returned!!!! A miracle! So we had some quality Stickie time after all.

Here's a shot of Stickie and Sticke 2. Also I love the shadow of The Smalls watching on in this picture.

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