Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

3 swims left

I did go to the HOA meeting last night and kept my trap shut and it was fine. I learned several things I did not know and would not have known had I not been there. Communications is not this board's strong suit.

The most important thing I learned is that when they start handing out fobs, I need to wait and get mine in one of the evening sessions. The building manager is going to be handing them out from his office during the day. Then the HOA president and another board member are going to be doing the same in the lobby in the evenings. I will save myself a whole lotta grief by going in the evening and dealing with the HOA president directly. I don't know what the exact rules are (since communications is not this board's strong suit) but I want one, one as a backup and one for the house cleaner. I'm sure the building manager has been instructed to hand out one per person and will certainly not deviate from that for me.

Just as the meeting was wrapping up, some guy came in to say that a garage door had crashed into his car. We have 6 garage doors leading to 6 isolated areas of the garage. Dude with a tall vehicle with a boat rack on top, waited too long after hitting the door open button. His car was too tall to allow the door enough room to sense and retreat from going down. CRASH! And broke off a piece of the garage door.

We got a note from management that that the garage door was broken and the door company had been called. My car, of course, was in that section. The note did not give any clue if they door company was going to come last night or today or when (communications is not this board's strong suit). So... would I be able to swim this morning? WHO the fuck knows. Guess I'll find out at 4 fucking 30. I did find out that the bus from my house to the gym does not start til 5:30. There were no Car2Go's. I have not activated a Lime car account yet so I could not see if there were any available. Lyft is $7. Ordinarily, I'd just say fuck it but it's the last week!

I had a hard time going to sleep of course. Then I had two very involved, very vivid and very disconcerting dreams. And one dream where some friend of mine (never saw her before) swore that if you took one week off every six month, a gel manicure would not hurt your fingernails at all. It was a busy busy night.

This morning I checked the email and found out a note saying the garage door was fixed. I had a lovely swim.

This morning I've been busily deleting people from my twitter and instagram feeds. I'd really like to eliminate instagram totally but there are just too many good sewing/knitting/crochet entries plus a lot of good local stuff and food. Still there's a lot in my feed now that is just clogging the pipes. And twitter is just drama central.

Speaking of drama central, there are two black furry actors busy as ever this morning.

Big news, though. Biggie is finally big enough to hop onto the bathroom counter! It took a couple of tries this morning but he made it. He nosed around stuff and then just sat my the sink looking so proud of his accomplishment. The Smalls was pretty sad. He'll get there. Meanwhile I found a lovely tray with a lip that is about an inch and a half. All my stuff (pills, toothpaste, inhaler, hairbrush) went into the tray. All the better, I hope, to thwart all the stuff on the counter landing on the floor.

My quilt batting is out for delivery. I so hope it makes the morning run. I'd like to get that test done!

Otherwise, it looks like a regular day. Taking my walk early yesterday was great, temperature wise. So I guess I'll give that a repeat. But, I should get dressed first.

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