Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The honeymoon is over

The cats no gather at my feet every time I sit on the toilet. They don't even come into the bathroom when I go to pee. The thrill is gone. Sigh.

They do still rally when I'm at the sink brushing teeth, etc. That's one of the few places still too high for them and it kills them that they can't get up there. I'm sure it's just a matter of timee\.

A few days ago, The Smalls knocked the minute hand off my Echo Clock. I could not find it anywhere. Last night, I watched him as he went after the hour hand. Success! I followed the trail and, sure enough, found both hands!

Sadly,now, I've got the hands on (turns out that one of the handful of how to fixes they give you is resetting the hands - maybe it's a cat union thing to knock them off), but i can't get them set for the correct time. I'll keep trying. The idea of dealing with Alexa hardware support makes me want to slit my wrists.

The new litterbox arrived. Biggie sniffed around it. I put him in and he hopped right out. He actually does not have the greatest kitty balance in the world. The Smalls then showed up - having torn himself away from THE AMAZING BOX it came in - and hopped right in and peed. Then hopped out. This is the top loader. It's not the dream solution to litter on the floor after all but it's not bad. Meanwhile Biggie sniffed around so The Smalls hopped in and pooped. Good old Smalls. Biggie can use the other litter box. I'm not worried.

Oh, the big condo upstairs hit the real estate sites today. They really did a good job with all the redesign work. Nice pix. Now I don't have to go to the open house :)

Tomorrow, my brother gets a new knee. It will nicely complement the hip he got about a year and a half ago.

Last night, I was listening to my book and playing a game on my tablet, when I looked down next to me and saw this:


Oh I did fix the cats on the keyboard issue! I got this and, now, since the keyboard isn't flat, they walk around it!

I just looked at the thermometer next to my chair here in the living room. The outdoor sensor must be in full sun (the shades are down so I can't see it right now) but YIKES! It's not 111 out except on my terrace. I'm sure not going out there!


Ooops just heard something at the front door and I do not think it is a visitor. Kitty shenanigans continue.

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