Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My dirty clothes hamper is just like this one:

It is rarely upright these days. Generally, it's on its side with one more more cats inside it. I did laundry today and put it back where it lives. Upright.

Just now I went to pee and found it collapsed and in the hallway. The cats are having a day. Or, rather, they were. They are now passed out somewhere in the bedroom.

Sometime after 2, I was hungry but it was too hot to fix anything I had in the house. Then I remembered the good poke place delivered. So I spent $20 and got a delicious bowl of poke brought right to my door. I ate about a third of it and the rest is in the fridge for whenever I feel like it. Nice. So nice.

As predicted, the Mariners are getting chewed up and spit out by Houston. To add insult to injury, the idiot announcer is on TV for this series. Last night I hit mute and listened to the radio. Doesn't help their general suckage, however.

The litter box (top entry) I ordered is promised to be delivered by 9 pm but I can tell by the tracking page that that ain't gonna happen. I'm guess that somewhere around 8:45 there will be an email about how sorry they are. Hope it comes tomorrow.

EDIT: I was wrong. I got the email at 6.

Hi susan,
Your package is still on the way, but it's running late. Now expected August 4 - August 7 — most packages arrive in a day.
We’re sorry it won’t arrive today, and we'll let you know when your package is out for delivery.


Every week, I record a show called It's Sew Easy (ep 1712) on PBS. Most every week, I fast forward through it because it's either something I know already or don't care about - lacy jacket for my prom gown, etc. But today, there was a woman demonstrating a quilt as you go technique that I'd never seen before. And one showing a quilt edging method that was new to me. I've got quilting cotton that needs to be something. I'm thinking...

I think I'll do a little crocheting now while the cats are busy sleeping and not available to help.
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