Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

THE Plan

So. I chatted with Tija, the gym owner and I can join for one month, easy peasy. I'll join on the 5th and do my 'round the block' walks over there in air conditioning. I walked this morning for 20 minutes outside - no sun - still too hot. The gym felt nice and the treadmills were all available at 10 am.

Once the pool gym closes, I'll wake up without an alarm and go over there first thing. Tija says before 6:30 is prime treadmill availability guaranteed. Then I can come home, have coffee and breakfast and shower and get dressed and have the day.

30 minutes every day. I can listen to my book. It's just across the street. Nice. I really do think that is something I will do.

Also, I think I'm going with Punky Apple Green for hair.

And probably something in the iridescent family for nails.

Then in 3.5 weeks, I'll go back to normal. It will be a nice break. I'm kind of looking forward to it now!


I had a big scare a bit ago. This room was getting way too warm. I went to the A/C and discovered the air it was pushing was NOT cold! I looked in the manual and it said to turn it off and turn it on again - seriously! so I did. and whew. cold air. man, that was scary.


Well, look who's worn themselves out already today! The now obligatory cat pic.

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