Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Filling my half empty glass

Two things I never do because I spend an hour a day in treated water are dye my hair and wear nail polish. I can probably get away with a professional dye job if I keep the color muted but if I'm going to change my hair color it ain't going to be muted! And gel polish does fine in the pool but gel polish is a PIA to get off and it really did a number on my nails so nope.

But... now... staring down 3 weeks of dry dock - I'm thinking purple or green or maybe blue. For hair and... same for nails!!!

Also I was trying to think if I needed any kind of body modification. I have two cysts on my scalp which I never consider having removed mainly because it would keep me out of the pool for a week at least. But, hey, those cysts aren't bothering anybody and having them removed hurts so nope.

My eye doctor has talked about some kind of film removal that it, for now, elective. I've elected no mainly because it would keep me out of the pool but, also, why? My eyes are fine. I can see what I want to see and I don't have to wear glasses except for teensy weensy print. So nope.

I think I'll stick to rainbow hair and nails, if I do anything.

The pool was pretty full today. The countdown to last swims begins.


The boys are entertaining each other this morning. Running, jumping, chasing, boxing. Boys being boys.

I'm going to swap out the bathroom litter box with one where they go in through the top. I'm just over litter on the tile. Especially now that I'll be using the shower. That bathroom is just too small for litter. If they hop in from the top, hopefully, they will leave the litter in there when they hop out. They seem to be using both litter boxes equally.

Yesterday getting in and out of the car and walking around stores, my back was not happy. It still needs work. Probably walking will make it much better. I just need to make sure I do it and then do it again. This morning's plan is waking up to the ATM at the baseball stadium. I need cash. But I need to get out and do it early. Like within the next hour. While I'm interested in helping my back out, I'm not interested in sweating while helping it out. So mornings or nothing these days.

I'm seriously considering buying a month's membership to the gym across the street, for the treadmill in air conditioning. She also has a day rate so I may pop for that and try it out and see if I can overcome my hate of it all for 30 mins a day while the pool's closed.

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