Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So what are you going to do for four weeks?

This is the question that everyone is asking everyone at the gym. It did occur to me this morning that we might lose some regulars and that would be sad. But, now that the shock has passed, I'm fine with it. I'll sleep in. Maybe I'll just walk instead (ugh). I will have to get re-acquainted with the shower in my own bathroom. I use it maybe a couple of times a year and now it will be my only option. The kittens will be fascinated.

The kittens have taken to sleeping side by side by my face. Something of theirs must be touching the other one or me. One lies on my arm and the other one next to him. Or there's a cat butt on my face and one on my shoulder. They groom each other and/or often get up, reposition, and settle back, still touching. I love it.

Today, I'll be leaving them alone with the house cleaner. This should be interesting. I'm sure they will all be fine.


I don't have a lot of must do errands today. So while the house cleaner cleans, I'll probably wander through Goodwill and then hit up Grocery Outlet (both places nearby and easy). And then use up any extra time just reading my book in the car until she's done.


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