Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

No more swimming for you!


So this is the morning's news. 3.5 weeks. The alternates on that list are not close at all - and, when you factor in traffic, they are pretty much a day trip away. One is 12 miles and one is 18 miles and both are tough trips - red lights and bottlenecks. The folks there this morning, who pay for their membership, were NOT happy one single bit. Several of the early morning folks live within walking distance of the gym that is closing. One of the pool people paid for a 4 month membership which ends September 5. So she got 3 months for the price of 4.

I was not happy with the news at all but by the end of my swim, I'd decided that it was not the end of the world. I figured I could swim some at the two city pools nearest to me if they are ok with my lungs. Then I got home to learn that the pool closest to me is closed until October. So... The one pool left is a very nice one, but as hard to get to as the others. Plus, it's chlorine and my last couple of chlorine swims have caused major breathing issues.

So... we may be looking down the nose of nearly a month with no or very little swimming. Not good. At all. But, it is what it is and come Sept 5, it will be fine again.

In other news. I was really starting to worry about Biggie yesterday. He slept on the laundry all afternoon and then moved to the pillow where he was when I went to bed. He really never came out of the bedroom. He's generally not the energizer bunny that The Smalls is but it seems like he'd come out to check on Stickie at a minimum. He seemed fine when I would check on him but he just wasn't getting up. This morning, he's his old self. Maybe his new self is just one who takes day long naps. As long as he's not sick, I'm fine with that.


That's The Smalls ready to pounce on the keyboard and Biggie behind him with The Look.

I think I might go over to Trader Joe's this morning. I can park a few blocks away and get my walk in before it gets hot. And I am out of Orange Chicken.

And I want to work on/finish my sewing projects. Then clean up the sewing room and tidy up everything else so the house cleaner can clean tomorrow.


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