Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

BEST new nap spot

Turns out, the preferred nap spot by a mile is the clean laundry on the bed. Biggie will not even get up. The Smalls has gotten up a couple of times to see if he's missing anything out in the rest of the condo and to get a snack but he goes right back. I mean the laundry wasn't even warm when they first discovered it. I have managed to get most of it folded and put away but Biggie is clinging to some pants that he will not let go of. He really gets attached to shit.

I got some good sewing done today. Two of my Mariner tops that I made, I made with pockets that were not deep enough. The joy of sewing is pockets wrong? Rip off and add pockets right! I also got a good start on making another top big enough for me. It needs pockets too. Tomorrow. The Smalls is good at opening the drawer with the thread in it. I think we will be repositioning said thread.

My Costco trip was also a success. Got in a nice walk and was home before it got frying hot.

No baseball tonight.

OMG, I just got up to go take an evidentiary photo of Biggie on the laundry and he finally had moved. From the pants he was lying on to the place mat that I hadn't put away yet.


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