Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Do they have rules?

Kitty games. Do they have rules? The boys are so busy today. Between breakfast and fountain drinking and making sure the dirty clothes bin is on its side after every time I right it, they are playing hide and seek and chase me. And then there's this one where Biggie pretends he's an only cat and is shocked when The Smalls attacks him so has to attack back and then they go together to check the state of the laundry bin.

I am going to empty that sucker this morning when I do laundry. I wonder what that's going to do to the dynamic.

When I swim, I only do the front crawl. No other strokes. And, honestly, my legs do not work hard. My fitness tracker only tracks arm movements so there's no real incentive for kicking. Except, if I spend some time kicking, my legs won't atrophy. So tomorrow I'm taking my kick board. Screw the tracker. Every 5th lap will be a kick board lap. I'm only doing 28 laps these days so we'll see how that works out.

Most of today is going to be a Stay Inside In Air Conditioning day. But, I think I'm going to venture out for a Costco walk timed for when their doors open. Also I need gas.

And,speaking of gas, I made the most delightful discovery today! I was wandering around Prime Video looking for stuff to watch and I discovered that they now have all six seasons of Corner Gas!!! Some seasons never made it to YouTube so I have yet to se them. I'm so excited.

But, first, laundry.


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