Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I'd like to thank the academy the cats

Last night's game was not horrible for most of it and then it was spectacular. They were ahead. We tied. Bottom of the 9th. 2 outs. 3 balls, 2 strikes and we get a run in the most wonderful way. And that was followed by a really amazing fireworks show. It went on for a really long time and was excellently choreographed. Really just a great night of fun. I have two more weeks before another game.

I slept hard and when I got up to pee, the cats behaved. And this morning when they really really really wanted me to get up, they did not insist and we all slept in. It was lovely.

And then, The Smalls let me clip his front paw nails. Well, 'let me' is a little strong. But I got the job done and no blood was shed. I'm declaring victory.

First up this morning is breakfast. Then, I plan to install the new Nest cam. I need to remove the face plate from the Axis cam and probably do some fill work on the site and then figure out the best mount. It's above the kitchen cabinets so I'm kind of hoping not to kill/maim myself in the process.

If I live, then the next up is a walk over to Uwajimaya. The forecast is promising clouds until mid afternoon and I'm going to take advantage by getting a good walk in and picking up some produce.

There is a kitty pile in the scratching post basket. I'm guessing Biggie is consoling The Smalls over the 'nail incident'.

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