Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The end of an era

You've been able to see my living room via webcam for about 20 years now. Initially, I set up cheap little PC attached webcams and streamed them via little Windows programs on my computer. I did it originally to see if I could get a live stream onto a web page.

Then my mother got wind of it and she was hooked. At one point I think I had four or 5 cams going for her alone. "I need to see what you are watching on TV." So, yeah, she used to get on her computer at the 'home' in South Carolina and watch the Mariner game with me.

My brother found the Axis cam first. He had one in his shop. And he got me a deal on one. This was an IP camera that worked off my home network. Quite nicely. That was probably 15 years ago. I did upgrade at some point. But the Axis cam has always been rock solid. Until lately. At some point recently, they put a governor on the system and now it chokes whenever more than 2 or 3 people try to access at a time. Which sucks.

The reality is that today's webcams are made for private viewing. The concept is, you get the cam, then the app and you log into your very private account to see what is on the web cam. In some cases, you can stream to web pages. But, unless you go for the big boy cameras like the kind cities use, everything is private by design.

The Axis was one of the last that let you set it up with no password needed.

The other one is Nest. You can still set up a Nest cam so that anyone can see the stream with a simple URL. It's a whole lot easier to set up and use than Axis actually but I will miss the old cam.

The Axis cam needed an ethernet cable so I snaked one up making art along the way. Here's a photo of it. (Hi, Zoey! miss you!)

cat and cables

Today I took that all down and patch painted the wall.

I ordered a refurb Nest cam to replace the Axis. It just needs a plug. So simple. But still... then end of an era.

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