Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A bed of dirty clothes

Playing with the dirty clothes hamper is now de rigueur. They knock it over and then one goes inside and one stays out and they bat at each other through the mesh. Last night, I was listening to my book and all of a sudden realized the bell ringing had stopped. I looked over and they were both inside the hamper, asleep on the dirty clothes. Silly cats.


The Smalls is going through a biting phase. He bites my ear, my nose, my toes, my fingers. Not chomp down biting but biting all the same. I'll be glad when he gets over that. Biggie is not a biter but he's not as much of a lover either. He likes attention and will snuggle when it suits him, he's not the whore that The Smalls is. But, Biggie is the one always always stretched out next to me when I wake up. The Smalls is sometimes there and sometimes not and sometimes on my face eating my nose.

Today I'm off to the shipping place to send the goods back to Google. Since it shares the same parking lot as Cash and Carry, I'll also be picking up an infusion of Diet Dr. Pepper. (Cash and Carry always gets a new supply in on Thursdays so I can count on their not running out before I get there like every other place in town.)

After that's done, it's going to be back home to the air conditioner. It's so much cooler here than Europe or the eastern part of the U.S. but, still, too hot for me!

Ok, now I have one cat on the back of this chair and one on the seat and they are fighting around the back cushion. These two are energizer bunnies!

Time for me to get dressed and get out and get back.


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