Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Jones is satisfied

I had fried oysters and fried okra for dinner. Heaven. I went early in hopes of dodging traffic. I did. However, I totally miscalculated the after-early-dinner traffic. A nightmare.

But I brought some okra home for the freezer. Future heaven. (These are toaster oven trays.)


My new tech arrived and it took about 15 minutes total to realized that there's a reason Google has decided to quit making tablets. They actually didn't quit soon enough. Happily there's a 15 day free return window. It's totally going back. Oh well, now I know.

The Mariners actually won the game.

I had to make The Smalls a new collar. I made a new one for Biggie yesterday. At least now they are each used to wearing a collar and bells so I can make them bigger with a little more growing room.

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