Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So hot

I did walk and did some extra but I am not going outside again. Maybe ever.

I got a nice note from my neighbor. Turns out he's renovating his unit for a new tenant. Also turns out the old tenants did not use the parking so he rented it for $275 a month. He offered the parking place to me for $275 a month AND he would have his tenant use mine. ??? Er no thank you. Those stairs are totally doable in lieu of $275 a month! Worth asking and I found out about what his plans were for the unit so not a total loss.

The kittens had a big morning. The Smalls jumped on a shelf in the bedroom and knocked down the laptop, a tablet and a box of tissues. I had tossed some old batteries into the tissue box. Biggie came along and decided that a used AA battery was THE best toy ever!!! He carried it around in his month all over the condo. These two just crack me up.

Oh and then, I pulled out a roll of paper towels to wipe off some glue for a thing I was gluing the in the sewing room. And then set the roll aside. In nothing flat they had shredded the roll and there were paper towel bits all over the room and the hallway.

Then they played king on the mountain in the scratching post basket. The Smalls won and is napping there now. I'm not sure where Biggie is - I'm guessing napping somewhere else.

I finally remembered to look at the Etsy shop where I bought the cat tree and it looks like I can buy another section of post and another basket! I can turn the tree into a a Tree For Two!! I'm waiting now to hear from the guy. He's in Poland but was very responsive before. Fingers crossed.

While I was out, I picked up a fresh spring roll for lunch. I think I'm going to break that out of the fridge right now.

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