Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Where have the minutes gone?

Someone - my guess is The Smalls -has, once again, knocked the minute hand off the Echo clock and hidden it somewhere. Oh well. Maybe the house cleaner will find it. The clock's operations appear to be unhindered by its absence.

The water in the pool was better this morning. Way less green than Friday. Amanda is the front desk person on Mondays and she's always full of interesting info. She told me that Saturday, no one opened up until 8:10. There's always a big crowd at 8 am on Saturdays mainly because of a standing basketball game. I'm guessing that crowd was looking like an angry mob by 8:10, in the hot sun...

In the early days of the gym back when they first opened, the people supposed to open the gym were frequently late. Sometimes really really late - like an hour or hour and a half. Amanda told me this morning that they now have an alarm system. If the gym isn't opened within 5 minutes of when it's supposed to open, executives start getting notified ... heads start rolling until the doors are opened. I highly approve of this system. Apparently Saturday, at least one head rolled right to the unemployment line. I love loose lipped Amanda.

A Susan Dennis in London (the way west edge - I had no idea the London city limits were so far out from city center!) opened up a Pay Pal account. Pay Pal UK. And... used my email address. That makes now, 3 different Pay Pal accounts with my email address*. You'd think Pay Pal would catch that but apparently not. London Susan ordered something for 900 pounds or $1,125 in real money and charged it to this new account using an incorrect email address. Someone is not having a good Monday. I'm dying to know what she bought but the receipt only shows the amount.

*When I log into my account using my email address and password, I get my account and only my account so I can't even noodle out how they are fucking this up but my actual account stuff is always what it should be.

Today will be another hot one. I am going to do my walk around the block, though. I'll just do it early. After that, no leaving the house. No plans, particularly, except keeping cool. Sewing is kind of on hold for now. I don't need anything more for Summer and it's hard to get motivated for winter in this heat. Plus, the sewing room is the farthest away from the air conditioner so prone to warm up. It's ok, I have plenty to keep me entertained.

I'm reading/listening to The Chain by Adrian McKinty. It is, so far, a really good read. But, I'm at the halfway mark and I feel like it could tank at any time OR turn out to be a really good book. It's kind of a delicious read point.


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