Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Monkey business

I bought a new computer. I have no use for it. No need for it. No reason at all. Well, it was on sale... but, still. Ridiculous. And, of course, I can't wait. I ordered one when they were first announced. The Pixel Slate. But it was just too much money. So I canceled the order. Then Google announced they were not going to make any more tablets and no more Pixel Slates.

Then, today, they reduced the price AND threw in the $300 keyboard for free and they got me. I can still send it back if I come to my senses after I see it/feel it.

It's a million degrees out in full sun. I'm inside with the blinds down and the air conditioner on but watching this baseball game is making me hot. I am so glad my game plan did not include this game. It must be so miserable out there.

My parking place is in the basement. It's a nice, wide, easy in/easy out space and the basement is always a very cool comfortable temperature. But there are stairs and sometimes they are just hard to get up and down. And, one day, they may well be the reason I can't live here any more or be forced to live here without a car.

My neighbor next door has a parking space on the ground level. It's not as nice a space but it does require zero steps to get to the car. He lives in Arizona and rents out the condo. I wrote to him today and asked if he'd be interested in swapping spaces - temporarily or permanently. I'd be happy to pay a couple of thou for a trade but I don't know if he is even remotely interested. It sure would be nice. I keep thinking someone is going to move in but crickets so far. No one has been in for cleaning after the last guys moved out. It's not for sale. No telling what he's planning.

I have a plush monkey that laughs like crazy when it sense movement near its face. Like this one. My brother and his wife left it for me once when they were here for a visit. I love it to bits. I never get tired of the laughing. It's been on the shelf for a while.

This afternoon, I was cleaning up stuff and clearing out stuff and filling up the Goodwill hamper. And I pulled the monkey out and turned it on and left it in the middle of the floor.

Biggie found it first. Sniffed around its butt. And then The Smalls found it and finally one of them went in front of its face but no giggle. So battery dead. But, before I could even get to it to fix the problem, they were both all over it. They have a new best friend! If I turned the giggle on now, it would freak them out. Later. But, for now. Monkey has two loves.

IMG_20190721_115519.jpg MVIMG_20190721_115634.jpg MVIMG_20190721_120455.jpg

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