Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Brick and Mortar retail therapy... more failures

I ended up going to Ballard to swim today. My condo is in the south of downtown Seattle. The pool I went to today is way north of downtown. It's in an area that used to be very easy to get to from here until they tore down the viaduct. Today was my first trip since they did that. And, it may very well be my last.

There are 3-4 million traffic lights you have to pass without the viaduct. And, they were all red today.

The pool is fantastic. They never have chemical problems and it's a good 12 inches deeper. It's just a great place to swim except. It's crowded and the people are pretty snotty. But, today I was there when it opened so I got my lane and just ignored the rest. It was nice.

There's a giant Fred Meyers store nearby and my plan was to go there. I had a list. While I was swimming, I remembered a biscuit place not far. So after my swim I went and had a lovely, simple breakfast at the biscuit place and then on to Freddies. Freddie's carries everything from shoes to condoms. They always had great handbags and a very nice deli and bakery. Plus yarn and a good selection of hardware items plus a nice small garden section and good groceries.

Much has changed since my last visit. Never did find the hand bags which is fine. The deli stuff was clearly not close to fresh. The bakery stuff was uninspiring.They had no bells in the craft section. They had no sponge holders in the kitchen section. I'm sure they had eggs and tortillas but when one of the people stocking shelves told me to move out of his way - told, not asked, I decided that further exploration about the store was not necessary. Oh and a good 20% of the shelves were empty. Clearly they were setting up a new section - back to school? But now it was just a traffic stopper in the middle of the store.

So I headed home. There's a big, new Michaels on the way home. I try to steer clear because I tend to get into trouble in Michaels. But, I wanted bells. I found bells and rings to add them to collars. But their yarn section - usually a massive buying spree for me - was pitiful. I can do better on Amazon ferchristsake. I found nothing else even tempting. And I left.

There's a PetSmart next door. I went in there. I wanted a mat for in front of the litter box to trap the left over particles. $17 fucking dollars????? Are you kidding me? No thank you.

Google has no idea how to get to my house from PetSmart now that the viaduct is down and the alternative road is blocked because they are still taking down the viaduct in some parts.

But, I finally made it home. A lot richer than I intended. But, I do have bells.

I turned on the laser machine for the boys a bit ago and they chased it for a while but now they are both just lying on the floor here at my feet ... watching the red dot. Just watching it.

I'm making progress with Biggie and treats. Last night I rattled the cup and he hopped up into my lap for a treat. I pulled one out and gave it to him. Hilariously, he grabbed it with his teeth but then took his paw and pushed it into his mouth! Like his paw was a hand. I've never seen a cat do that.

The game starts at 6 tonight so I'll leave here just before 4. I think I'll spend the afternoon with my crochet hook and split the time between DCI Banks and the British Bake off.


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