Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The future of Stickie and other stuff...

Children have blankies and my cat has stickie. I do not know what's going to happen when it finally just comes apart. Biggie is going to be crushed to bits. The Smalls won't be happy either.

It's already ragged.


The feather used to be 4 times longer and the cord was smooth. And the handle didn't have cat teeth/claw indentations.

Plus, I'm not sure they will accept a substitute Stickie. Oh well, I think we have some time before Stickie 1 rests in peace.

Earlier this week I mentioned the cat carrier issue. What's going to happen when it's too small to carry them together. How the hell does one person manager two cat carriers?? Or carry two full size cats in a carrier. I've had two cats before but never on the same schedule - they never went to the vet very often and went at different times. These two could easily be regulars. I have until September 10th to noodle this out.

This was the boys this morning... maju01 reported that when her kittens were little they shared a space like this. But now they are too big. I'm thinking that scenario could hit here, too. Again, no clue


So far, we've had a lovely day. The Mariners play tonight. I'm actually not looking forward to yet another loss. At least tomorrow my the loss will be to the tune of fabulous food. Tonight I haven't even decided what's for dinner.

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