Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

This morning I opened my eyes and saw two little black kittens sitting in front of my face, side by side, watching me. They made me giggle. Not at all a bad way to wake up.

Last week the pool was crystal clear and sparkling clean. Better than it had ever been in its nearly 5 year life. This week it's bad. And getting worse. I complain every day. Frank, the front desk guy, is always sympathetic and thanks me for reporting. Finally, today, he confirmed, that the chemicals are, indeed, off and they do not know why. Great. Well, really, great because now they own the problem and the fix. But, ugh on pool issues. I may give the Ballard LA Fitness a go this weekend. It's a bitch to get to and always crowded, but maybe this weekend won't be so bad and all the other swimmers will go swimming in some lake somewhere.

I got no plans for today at all. I did all the chores yesterday and I have no errands so today is free and clear. I will do my obligatory walk but today is out last cool day so no biggie. Starting tomorrow, all of the next 10 days are in the high 70's with Sunday in the mid 80's. And the clouds appear to be going on vacation. Sigh.

I'm on a jag lately of fresh spring rolls for lunch. The Vietnamese kind with raw vegetables wrapped in rice paper. There's a little deli a couple of blocks over that used to make them. I think I'll go check there, first. And, if not, then on to Uwajimaya. That will take care of the walk.


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