Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Success all the way around

Biggie was 4.05 pounds when I brought him home 2 weeks ago.
Today he is 5.44 pounds.

The Smalls was 3.22 pounds two weeks ago.
Today he is 4.5 pounds.

Holy fat cats, bat man!

They did great. I think they thought it was kitty amusement park. Not a peep out of either one of them to or from and they had a great time examining the exam room.


They got shots and their nails trimmed. The doctor said that she thought there was a very good chance they did not have leukemia. She said to bring them back in 3 months for a test. But, she was not that optimistic if they do. She said the chances were good they would get some kind of critical illness in the first year or two if they really are infected. So... fingers crossed.

The are now back up in their scratching post perch giving each other a bath.


The shelter gave me a certificate thing for a free first visit to one of about 6 vets in the area. My vet wasn't on the list so, no thanks. The bill for both of them was $155 which kind of surprised me. I figured it would be $200 easily. I had them email me the invoice and when I got home, I saw that they marked the $55 first exam as 'complimentary' and didn't charge me for either kitten! I love my vet.

Plus on the way home, I have to go right by the really excellent poke place. And there was a parking spot right out in front! This is the poke place who's 'regular' serving is enough for me for two meals. So. lunch and dinner done!

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