Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

done done done done

I went to Amazon (no bananas today... what's up with that? if it's a prime day thing, I'll be glad when prime day is over!) and then on to Costco where nobody was! It was glorious. No waiting at the gas pump. There were parking spots available in the first row. There were two cashiers waiting for customers when I checked out. I got the car washed... no waiting! Let's hear it for the odd mid month Tuesday at Costco!

Then I do go get more ice cream. I think I have enough now. Maybe I'll get sick of it so when it really does get discontinued it won't hurt as much.

maju01 led me to some very excellent cat food options on Amazon so I ordered them and got my prime day 6% cash back. So I'm less devastated by the banana shortage now.

The boys have been busy all day. Now they are both in a pile in the bowl atop the scratching post. I think they are on the lookout for birds and other stuff in The Tree That I Hate.


I'm going to cash in on this by doing a little uninterrupted (I hope) crochet.

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